Sinful Eden

Sinful Eden is a point 'n' click adventure with dating sim and RPG elements. You take on the role of a young man living in Karigon Island, Karigon law states that all males who're of age are duty-bound to marry, failure to comply will result in execution, as ordained by the high priestess Aurora. Unfortunately for you, finding a suitable bride isn't as easy as it sounds... There will be many obstacles in your path to find true love, can you overcome them before it's too late?

The Sexy Exorcist

Investigate the case of a seemingly possessed girl, explore an island full of secrets, buy and trade gifts, gamble for cash, and flirt your way to success in The Sexy Exorcist!

Zombie Shotgun Massacre 3

Annihilate hordes of undead weirdos, scavenge for supplies, rescue survivors, search for your lost friend and thwart an evil genius. All in a days work for Alice as she returns to exact another Zombie Shotgun Massacre!

Zombie Shotgun Massacre 2

Alice returns in this action packed sequel to continue her fight for survival! Battle through all new environments, fight new types of zombie and take on new quests to advance the plot. Survival horror has never been so real!

Zombie Shotgun Massacre

RPG meets zombie apocalypse in this action packed 2D retro styled adventure. Play as Alice, a young woman with a huge shotgun and a green bikini. Blast zombies away, find collectables to exchange, carry out dangerous missions to advance the plot and try to escape the massacre. Good Luck!

Date The Boss

Explore Peponi Island and get to know its inhabitants! Play mini-games, gamble for cash, buy and trade gifts and see if you can flirt your way to the top in this hilarious comedy RPG adventure!

True Exorcism

Perform an exorcism and free the innocent from demonic possession in this action packed reaction based game!

More Fun With Twins

Find and match the illusive twin cards to learn Iliana's deepest secrets!

Extreme Skill

Extreme Skill... do you have it?


Travel through heaven, earth, hell and the etherworld in this retro styled platform adventure. Play as Aurelia, a voluptuous angel on a mission from God. Find power-ups, fight ghosts, goblins and evil wizards, Interact with comedic characters and unravel the greatest story ever told.